Our platform was formed a few years ago after we discovered there was a huge need urgency for an authentic local online resource which would feature all the original Morris dances that could be archived in one collection.

We are proud to say we are the number one Morris club in the world and the largest too. Our members and experts are well skilled in the different Morris dances scattered all over the United Kingdom from Cheshire to East Anglia.

We teach adults and young children the different Morris songs and dances in the hope that the morris tradition does not die off as a result of modernity. We also travel around the country touring villages and assimilating more Morris dances and culture.

It was through this method that we build a more extensive network of Morris dancers who also impart the knowledge to us of many more Morris dances, the songs, and the steps. In the later years we made more incursions through these places and these resulted in the collection of more unique morris dance styles.

We would go on to form the very first sword clubs which were still not quite common in England and this has gone on to become one of the most important and world renowned sword clubs ever to exist in the UK.

Now our members come from different parts of the country and even abroad to take part in the ancient traditions of our forebears.

We subsequently decided to form this website so we could reach out to even more people in the UK and abroad including people of a different culture who have a passing interest in the Morris tradition.

With our latest effort of reaching out to companies we recently had a a number of business visiting us from industries varying from Railroad Workers to Online Casino Companies. A large group of gambling workers from the online casino pots of luck had their company kick-off in September 2018 enjoying the art of Morris dance and spreading the culture to new and modern industries, something we are very delighted over.

You are free to use this site as you please and if you want to be members please do not hesitate to let us know.