We are first and foremost, custodians of the Morris heritage and culture. We have within our ranks some of the best and most experienced Morris dancers in the UK and in the world. Our clan of professional Morris dancers encompass all the Morris songs and dance styles that have ever existed.

We are open to membership and do go on tours when invited to host or perform at important events. Apart from this, we also give extensive training to new morris dancers in other to pass on this most prestigious of English heritage. Some of the morris dance and style we offer lessons on include the following:


This is one of the most common styles of morris dancing and was originated from Cotswold Morris which includes the towns of Gloucester, Oxford, Northampton, and Warwick. It is a dance that can also be found beyond these areas too.

Our experts are quite adept at giving you a feel of this “Midland Rush” which is performed by 6 to 8 dancers and are unique from the other Morris style with the use of handkerchiefs, and sticks with a bit of handclapping as the occasion calls. Our dancers are some of the best in the Cotswold style and have been known to win national Morris competitions hosted in and around cities in the UK.

Molly Dances

Our Molly dancers are unique. We do not use the black paint on our faces but have come up with our own unique style of face painting which makes us stand out during public performances. Molly dancing originated from East Anglia and has always been performed by farmers and locals around the villages and was a style that was developed to celebrate the harvest.

We ensure to give you the best in these styles.

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