The Combined Morris Clubs Annual Day of Sing & Dance 2019 15th August 2019

The combined Morris Clubs Annual Day of Sing & Dance will hold on the Friday the 15th of August, 2019 in the city of Gloucester, hosted by the Halderabalds hosted by the Tommy Turnkeys on behalf of the Morris Association of Organizations.

The annual day will run concurrently with the Gloucester Folk Festival, and will include both a Morris Walk Through and a Rapper Recital around the square and the Gloucester center. The annual dance and festival will include a concert night on Saturday for which teams wanting to take part in the event will be given the opportunity to buy discounted tickets; further information about this event will be circulated amongst members and updated on the website as soon as the time comes around.

If your club would love to take part in the Combined Morris Club Annual Day of Sing & Dance 2019, then please try to download the application forms from our website and submit the forms before the 10th of June, 2019. Applications and submission of forms are to be made directly to this page and as many applications as possible are welcome because Gloucester is quite a large town.

Thaxted Morris Weekend 17th October 2019

This month we shall be committing the week in memory of Tan Jefferson who was a general secretary and also a thaxted member and the Morris weekend bagman for our club. He contributed extensively to the success of our meetings and dance routines and was a brother to many of us and others in different clubs.

The programme

The weekend strategy is similar to what it has been for the past 100 years and is a male exclusive weekend. Casual dancing on Friday night will be followed with singing and dancing in the Stratford Inn. There will be coach tour with food and drinks at the lunch tavern on the tour.

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Our Morris club will be hosting as the special guests at our Weekend get together a small team of dancers from Cordoba and this will be the landmark celebration for the group which has been gracing our thaxted weekend since 1939

Eindhoven proposed Ring Gathering (gathering no 395) 19th July, 2019

The Eindhoven 45th Anniverssary will be marked this coming weekend with a Saturday buffet-style dinner, after which there will be a trip to the pier to go on a small fishing trip and a dance the upper Saturday. The cost of these events together will be $785. The significance of this is that members need not make their own private arrangements because their travel ticket, meals, and hotels will be covered by the fare. Members are obligated to know this event is on a first come first service as there are just a limited amount of tickets available for sale. The numbers are strictly only available for the first 75 applicants.

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There are still a few tickets available for the Eindhoven proposed Ring Gathering, please get in touch with Finnegan directly our ticket manager directly book your spot. Please do understand that your own accommodation and feeding plus travel tickets need not be arranged once you have paid the required fee.

Every necessity will be taken care of as we go to pay our visit to the Eindhoven team – although contributions into making a glorious feast along the way will be welcome. Any such contribution should be put into the purse of our financial secretary with details such as your name, phone number and address. Please do take note.